Trezor Issues Security Update to Address Physical Vulnerability

Hardware wallets are still one of the better ways to store digital assets these days. Cryptocurrency users have a few different wallets to choose from in this regard. Trezor recently introduced a new security update to address a psychical security issue discovered a while ago. Although there is no indication anyone exploited this vulnerability, closing it off is always the better option.

in the latest software update, Trezor patches a major flaw. Last month, a user reported the hardware wallet was subject to a physical vulnerability. It doesn’t happen all that often such a bug goes by unnoticed for a longer period of time. The flaw only exists in the Trezor One, as the model T is unaffected. This flaw was found and disclosed by Saleem Rashid.

An Important Trezor Firmware Update

The underlying memory write-protection operations of the wallet are subject to an exploit. Although it does not allow for private key extraction, it is still worrisome. By disabling the write-protection, the chip can behave in very odd ways. As such, it is impossible to properly gauge the potential impact of this vulnerability. Addressing it before it can even become a problem is always the right course of action altogether.

For the Trezor users, the new update should arrive automatically. The update can be found within the wallet’s user interface. It is evident this update needs to be installed as quickly as possible. Model T owners do not need to worry about this update. Instead, Model One users will need to complete the upgrade as soon as possible. This will require the use of your recovery seed, though.

It is good to see companies address such problems pretty quickly. It is evident criminals will continue to look for weaknesses in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Issues like these are rare, yet they can still pose a lot of problems in the process. Trezor is taking the smart approach by updating their firmware accordingly. So far, no users have complained about any issues with their wallet due to this flaw. We can only hope things stay that way.

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