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Most of the time, we may not be presented with a variety of platforms to make our dreams come true; we rather create it with the resources in our hands. Worthy of note is that from money to material things, you can always get what you need as long as you are informed and you really know how to sell your iTunes gift cards.

SellCardBTC: The Online Gift Card Exchange Platform

Although mere selling gift cards online is never enough, Sellcardbtc is one platform that has proven trustworthiness, prompt responsiveness, flexible payment, and easy-to-use accessibility, as expected of every good gift card exchange platform.

Exchanging Your iTunes Gift Cards for Bitcoins on Sellcardbtc

Sellcardbtc is an online platform that allows users to sell their iTunes gift cards (or any other gift card type) for bitcoins (and other payment methods).

With an exceptional direct loading of gift cards, sellcardbtc avoids you the stress of going through a middleman. This is why you can sell at a good rate and still operate flexible transactions. While some other platforms may restrict your choice of gift card, you can always be sure that sellcardbtc is the reliable channel that you need.

From Steam to Walmart and Amazon cards, sellcardbtc accepts a variety of gift card types based on value/designation, currency, card type, and forms. Precisely, this gift card exchange platform allows all kinds of specific currencies (EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, and GBP) in both physical and electronic forms. It operates with iTunes gift cards and other gift cards such as Google Play and target gift cards.

Why Sellcardbtc?

There are amazing benefits of running to sellcardbtc for a gift card-bitcoin exchange. Without a reason to doubt, sellcardbtc is ever ready to unleash the potency of your iTunes gift cards, providing you with:

i. Secure Payment: You can now sell your iTunes gift cards for Naira with guaranty. Sellcardbtc fades away your fear of fraud. It brings you on a trustworthy platform where your payment is safe.
ii. Easy Access: Sellcardbtc offers you an effortless and simple way to turn your gift cards into bitcoins, such that you need not wander on how to find your way around it. Also, it assures you of the possibility to exchange gift cards if you so desire.
iii. Swift Response: While certain platforms may take so much of your time, sellcardbtc provides you a 5-minute transaction that is able to turn your gift card around. With an efficient and effective response, this platform swiftly keeps you ahead of your work schedule.
iv. Flexibility: The online gift card exchange platform expresses its dynamic flexibility in its acceptance of every form and type of gift card as long as it is valid. Sellcardbtc is not rigid. If you have no electronic card, you can take a picture of your card and forward for transaction.
v. Unrestricted Gift Card Trading: One of the amazing reasons sellcardbtc remains the best platform to sell your gift cards is because it allows a wider range of card types. While you can exchange your iTunes gift card, sellcardbtc is not limited to this. Its operation covers other types of gift card you may have on an affordable rate.

Steps to Sell your iTunes Gift Card for Bitcoins

Having decided to exchange your gift cards for bitcoin, you can rely on sellcardbtc. It brings you on with 5 easy-to-understand processes in about 5 minutes. You will only have to:

• Step 1: Go to
• Step 2: Use the website rate calculator to know your card value.
• Step 3: Confirm your gift card’s validity and open “trade now”.
• Step 4: Send your gift card.
• Step 5: Get your payment.


Over time, selling gift cards have become an easy opportunity to fetch you some quick money. While this might be new to some, trading your gift cards for bitcoin keeps getting real by the day. Thankfully, you do not have to wonder at how reliable any platform could be to offer this service; Sellcardbtc is all you need to know.
With 5 simple steps, you can easily get your iTunes gift card exchanged for bitcoins at a reasonable rate and guaranteed payment. Sellcardbtc is more than a mere online exchange platform. It is swift, safe and secure for you!

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