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LNURLPoS – offline bitcoin point of sale tutorial!

All the way from HCCP21 at Paralelni Polis, LNURLPoS!
LNURLPoS is completely offline, using a shared secret to encrypt a unique pin that can be used to verify payments. LNURLPoS uses the LNURL-pay protocol. LNURL-pay allows your lightning-wallet to make a secure request to a server to get a lightning-network invoice. So instead of scanning a massive ugly lightning-network invoice QR, you can scan a lovely little LNURL QR.
**Payment workflow**
* Merchant enters amount into LNURLPoS device
* LNURL is generated in device and displayed for scanning (LNURL includes a unique pin encrypted using the secret key shared with the server)
* Customer scans and pays
* When the payment has cleared the customer is sent the decrypted unique pin
* Merchant can compare and verify using the same pin displayed on the lNURLPoS

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