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SF Bitcoin Meetup – PROOF OF CALAMITY: Why DEX/AtomicSwaps are failing

San Francisco Bitcoin Event:

Everyone wants trustless trade, except Decentralized Exchanges haven’t taken off. Volume is abysmal. Have DEXs been overhyped? And we’ve heard promises of cross-chain atomic swaps, but where are they in practical implementation? Are we being promised snake oil?

Join blockchain engineer Eric Martindale (BlockStream and BitPay) and Dr. Chandra Duggirala (Founder, Portal) as they discuss the fundamentals of inter-chain trading and explain it will always be near impossible for the type of DEX offerings and atomic swaps in the market today to come anywhere close to the speed and liquidity centralized exchanges provide.

BUT– WHAT IF WE DIDN’T HAVE TO SACRIFICE SPEED & LIQUIDITY FOR TRUSTLESSNESS & PRIVACY? Despite all prior impossibilities, could there ever be unstoppable exchange technology without compromise? And exactly how would it work?

Chandra & Eric will share their zero-knowledge Layer 2 & Layer 3 trading protocol “ZK-Swaps” with San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup and open up atomic swap discussion with the community.

Eric Martindale: Blockchain, open-source engineering strategist. Early at BlockStream. Early at BitPay. Advisor to Leminscap Fund.

Dr. Chandra Duggirala: Founder/CEO of PORTAL. Cryptoeconomist, Austrian Economics. Angel investor. Maximalist.

Thank you to our sponsor KRAKEN: And yes, clicking this link to use Kraken supports the San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup.

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