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Working Man´s Bitcoin Cruise 2019 – #LIVE

The world premiere of the Bitcoin Standard cruise focused on new and upcoming entrepreneurs in the space.

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1. Ugly Old Goat and Goat Lady welcome Mad Bitcoins MC
Twitter: @UglyOldGoat1 & @MadBitcoins

2. We Are The Bitcoin Nation by Ugly Old Goat 00:17:00

3. The Ten Pillars of Bitcoin by Sawchruhtezz with a special remembrance of Tyler Jenks 00:24:30
Twitter: @Sawchruhtezz

4. Don’t Lose Your HODL with Zezo 00:59:40
Twitter: @Zezo_Duarte

5. How Ugly Old Goat Got REKT by Ugly’s Kid 01:37:05

6. Is Bitcoin A Revolution Or An Evolution? with Bitcoin Motorist 02:22:46
Twitter: @BitcoinMotorist

7. The Bitcoin Soul with Kestutis Rasimavicius 03:08:00
Twitter: @KestutisRasimav

8. The Bitcoin Meme with Gabriel D. Vine 03:43:54
Twitter: @GabrielDVine

9. Bitcoin As A Gateway To A Global Client Market with Katie Ananina 04:49:38
Twitter: @KatieAnanina

10. Bitcoin Security & Inheritance In The Digital Age with Juan Galt 05:01:18
Twitter: @JuanSGalt

11. The Equity App with Victor Villicana 06:07:17
Twitter: @bektor187

12. The History of World Crypto Network with Thomas Hunt 07:01:45

13. Fireside Chat: A Bitcoin Master Chef With No Bitcoin, What Should I Do? 07:12:01
Twitter: @ChefBitcoin & @daisy_komen_

14. The Story of Bitcoin & Friends by Robert Allen 08:13:07
Twitter: @BTCandFriends & @SatoshiSound

15. Final Panel With Q&A by all speakers 08:48:59

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