Wallets and Full Nodes with Adam and Michel ~ Open Source Everything
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Wallets and Full Nodes with Adam and Michel ~ Open Source Everything

Check out Wasabi Wallet: https://www.wasabiwallet.io/
Wasabi Wallet not only facilitates the level of privacy as our traditional banking system does, but goes a step further and even provides privacy for you against the service provider. Against Wasabi Wallet itself. Wasabi is an open source, MIT licensed, free software.

Check out Nodl Bitcoin Full Node: https://www.nodl.it/
We build payment solutions based on bitcoin (BTC), litecoin (LTC) and the Lightning Network.

Since we believe in dogfooding, we’ve built online payment processors as a service (nodl cloud) and physical payment processor in a box (nodl box).

Donate Bitcoin to Max: 3DqEnU6dW6bZesrVdThrrQjQKgN7dpY5vv https://tallyco.in/purism
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