THS #001 - Thomas Hunt Show, CoronaVirus, Trace & MimbleWimble - Picard, Primary, Atypical
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THS #001 – Thomas Hunt Show, CoronaVirus, Trace & MimbleWimble – Picard, Primary, Atypical

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‎8794.47 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

$8785.61 USD – Bitcoin Satoshi

Bitcoin On-Chain Analytics at Odds With Sub-$8K Bitcoin Price Forecasts

New law makes Germany “crypto heaven” – Decrypt

Bitcoin’s Rally May Have More Room to Run, Technicals Suggest – Bloomberg

Almost Half of All Bitcoin Has Not Moved in 2 Years

Alejandro De La Torre on Twitter: “Damn that sucks!” / Twitter

ABC News on Twitter: “Baseball players at the Tokyo Dome played to empty seats, as Japan’s professional baseball teams staged pre-season openers behind closed doors for the first time ever amid the country’s coronavirus response.” / Twitter

New York Daily News on Twitter: “CLOSED: The Louvre The most popular museum in the world shut its doors after employees decided not to open over fears about the spread of coronavirus.” / Twitter

Ripple would not be profitable without selling XRP, says CEO Garlinghouse – The Block

(2) Justine on Twitter: “Waking up to find that @justinsuntron has taken over the #Steem Blockchain in a hostile manner. By using 84M steem from @binance and huobi as well as his own exchange to vote in their own BPs and fork the chain. @cz_binance you support this? #Tron DeCEnTraLIzinG da Web” / Twitter

Why Crypto Should Care About Justin Sun’s Steem Drama – CoinDesk

New York Daily News on Twitter: “James Lipton, host of “Inside the Actors Studio” for almost 25 years, died at age 93. He began writing for and acting on soap operas, including “Guiding Light,” but was best known for the interview series, which launched out of the New School in New York.” / Twitter

Dennis Parker on Twitter: “Watch greedy @TraceMayer shilling his 50% premined pump & dump scheme at a #Bitcoin conference” / Twitter

Star Trek: Picard Episodes 4 & 5 – re:View | Red Letter Media

Mad Bitcoins is on Tallycoin crowdfunding for Bitcoin and Lightning.

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