Craig Wright got the addresses, but does he have the keys? (2020-01-15)
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Craig Wright got the addresses, but does he have the keys? (2020-01-15)

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CoinDesk on Twitter: “UPDATE: In a new filing Tuesday, Ira Kleiman’s attorneys said Craig Wright produced more than 16,000 bitcoin addresses but no information about the bonded courier, who the plaintiffs wish to depose.” / Twitter

Riccardo Spagni on Twitter: “A bonded courier just delivered the list of Bitcoin addresses I own, along with their private keys. Turns out I own all of the Bitcoin in existence, including Satoshi’s coins. In an act of generosity I’ve decided to make these public.” / Twitter

EXCLUSIVE Craig Wright: If I produce Nakamoto’s bitcoins my critics will say I stole them | Modern Consensus.

Bitcoin SV’s Ridiculous 100% Rally Has Skeptics Crying ‘Exit Scam’

Unconfiscatable (@unconfiscatable) / Twitter

Bitcoin’s January Surge Rekindles Memories of Crypto Bubble – Bloomberg

As Bitcoin Roars Into 2020, The Winklevoss Twins Make Wall Street Warning

Bitcoin Price to Hit $15K Says CEO of $150B Investment Fund

2 Reasons Why Bitcoin’s 22% YTD Performance Is the Start of Something Massive | NewsBTC

Bitcoin whale moves $1.1 billion in bitcoins for an $80 fee

World Crypto Network on Twitter: “Which conferences should the @WorldCryptoNet attend in #WCNTour2020? #bitcoin @unconfiscatable @MallorcaBCDays @CoinFestUK” / Twitter

MallorcaBlockchainDays (@MallorcaBCDays) / Twitter

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