Bitcoin 2049 - Enter the Dragon! - Bitcoin Adoption Special!
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Bitcoin 2049 – Enter the Dragon! – Bitcoin Adoption Special!

Bitcoin is but a Dragon sleeping! Enter the dragon!

Class begins now! Get informed & pumped for some crypto workout to get to grips if your new to Bitcoin, how it works, why its the biggest innovation to money for 500yrs or digging deep in bitcoins innovation if your a pro. Plus are we on for a 2014 New-clear crypto winter or will the market turn around when people realise bitcoin never left the room?

Bitcoins a proto currency thats none debt based and limited to just 21 million total bitcoin ever so it can’t be printed or manipulated with no central authority. Bitcoin is a open free global payment network & currency that represents the very ideals of freedom, inclusion and trust by transaction and currency of the internet that was forged in the fires of the last recession by its mysterious creator satoshi nakamoto.

First part of the show for crypto hawks and second half crypto training.

If your just new looking for how to get started with bitcoin use my coinbase link Below….. again we always recommend moving coins from a exchange wallet to a personal hardwallet but just to get you started coinbase will do.

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